Core Concept

Most friends know our strong love for business and charities.  Some even know hard work and community service efforts started in adolescent days.  To this day, we still work hard at fostering business relations and contribute by way of time and effort on local charity committees with Big Brothers Big Sisters and through volunteering on Meals on Wheels routes and at Metropolitan Ministries holiday events.  Not to mention business and networking organizations we associate with in order to stay involved in the community.

With that involvement, the thought came up about how else to contribute and help out, and it became obvious that strength is in the network.  Relationships with friends, colleagues and business contacts have grown over the past few years in the Tampa Bay area.  This blog and a PayPal connection to collect donations for local causes are dedicated to making a huge difference in the Tampa community, but we need money to continue and improve on the idea.

By combining this site to collect donations and our social / business networks, the goal is to use “crowd-funding” to raise money for select causes and projects on a regular basis.

If you’re not familiar with “crowd-funding” then please read the info on this site to understand the concept, as well as the latest progress crowdfunding is making on a national scale.  It’s more than a unique way to raise money, but also a key part of  national efforts to create jobs and further innovation and entrepreneurship in our economy.

Please take a minute to look through the website and help raise money as a group on a concerted effort to help the featured causes, locally….

Thank you,
The Cause To Fund Founders