Art Show Featuring TheMoneyCrowd Piece! Oct 19 – Tampa

Amazing Art in Downtown Tampa!  If you’re into art, non-profits & philanthropic giving you should check out this event on October 19 from 8-11 pm at the Tampa Museum of Art for their “Art After Dark” Series.

There will be small 5×5 squares of artwork completed by famous artists and local professionals on display!  Each of these will be on sale for a nomial amount…

What’s the catch!?  You can buy these small squares of art and have a chance that one of them is an ORIGINAL piece by a famous artist who donated it for a good cause!

TheMoneyCrowd has a piece in the exhibit – see images below of it being created!   You never know, we might have commissioned an artist so you get the chance to have them hanging on your wall at a great value!   Come out to show support of the local art community and the local giving community…. TheMoneyCrowd – Donate and feel good about yourself…

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