Art Show Featuring TheMoneyCrowd Piece! Oct 19 – Tampa

Amazing Art in Downtown Tampa!  If you’re into art, non-profits & philanthropic giving you should check out this event on October 19 from 8-11 pm at the Tampa Museum of Art for their “Art After Dark” Series. There will be small 5×5 squares of artwork completed by famous artists and local professionals on display!  Each of […]

Forbes Blogger Picks Up Story on TheMoneyCrowd

This past week something huge happened for and crowdfunding for charities in Tampa Bay.  Below is a re-cap… We had: A very successful first week raising over $1,165 for Hannah’s Homeless after they launched 9/15/12. A great happy hour at The Manhattan in Tampa for Big Brothers Big Sisters raising close to $300 in one […]

TheMoneyCrowd Explained…Behind the Curtain of the Name

What does TheMoneyCrowd mean, how did it get its name and what does it do? Simply put it is The organization that gathers Money from an online Crowd for the benefit of local charities and community projects. That’s it…it’s the Robin Hood of the Internet! The purpose of the site is to build an online […]

Need Funding? Ask a Crowd of People!

Funding is one of the toughest areas a new business owner must tackle, whether as a creative, as a for-profit, or as a non-profit charity. However, there is another option that is beginning to take hold since President Barack Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups, or JOBS, Act on April 5: crowdfunding. That refers […]

3 Rules for CrowdFunding Success

So you’re considering using crowdfunding to raise some money for an idea or cause you believe in!? Well then you should read this article and if you need help, contact us…click here to read Be intriguing or compelling with your story…send your story and link to your network…and give cool perks to those that help […]

How to Run a Crowdfunding Project

How can you use crowdfunding and your social media to raise money for your ideas, charities or projects? Steps in defining your project: Be specific about your project idea Set a monetary goal to reach, along with a timeframe to reach it by Plan out which social networks you’ll target Write a concise & compelling […]

Gov’t and Policy Info

Click the following links to learn more… – A Look at the Proposed Amendments to CrowdFunding Bill (via – H.R. 3606: “Jumpstart our Business Startups” Act (text as of Mar. 28, 2012) – Statement of Administration Policy – Exec. Office of the President – Nov. 2, 2011 – North Carolina Congressman promoting Entrepreneur Access to Capital […]

Introductory Articles

Click the following links to learn more… – Tampa Entrepreneur Turns to Crowdfunding to Start Business – Congressional Crowd Grows for CrowdFunding – House Overwhelmingly Passes JOBS Act – JOBS Jumps Senate Hurdle – Senate Toughens CrowdFunding Rules, Passes JOBS Bill – Pennies From Many – Nation of Venture Capital Through Crowdfunding – When “Friending” […]

Video Descriptions

Click the following links to learn more… – Crowd Funding described (YouTube) – Videos from

Does Money Grow On Trees?

That’s what we’re trying to do here, so help out by planting a seed donation and watch it grow… Donate to good causes…feel good about yourself…help those that need it… Aimed at raising money for local Tampa Bay and West Florida charities!  Compared to $35 you spend on dinner or a round of drinks, this $35 […]