Forbes Blogger Picks Up Story on TheMoneyCrowd

This past week something huge happened for and crowdfunding for charities in Tampa Bay.  Below is a re-cap…

We had:
  • very successful first week raising over $1,165 for Hannah’s Homeless after they launched 9/15/12.
  • A great happy hour at The Manhattan in Tampa for Big Brothers Big Sisters raising close to $300 in one night.
  • Awesome exposure via a blog (link below)!!
Pretty exciting, so helps us share this news in order to get attention to the projects that need funding. Please tell everyone to visit and donate at
Keep up the support and don’t stop spreading the word!!  The projects we feature need your help getting the word out about their needs… Thank you!
Special thanks to our local Socially Responsible friend Robin Weston for getting us the exposure on Forbes, and for posting on his blog too –

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