How to Run a Crowdfunding Project

How can you use crowdfunding and your social media to raise money for your ideas, charities or projects?

Steps in defining your project:

  1. Be specific about your project idea
  2. Set a monetary goal to reach, along with a timeframe to reach it by
  3. Plan out which social networks you’ll target
  4. Write a concise & compelling short story to email and post to your networks
  5. Use images and video to get attention
  6. Share your message via email and social media, then follow up regularly with updates

 The purpose of crowdfunding is to get as many of your friends and contacts to donate small amounts to your cause, and to help by spreading the word to their connected networks as well.  The more eyes you reach, and heart strings you tug on, the more success you’ll have funding your charity and project!

 Start now and contact me if you have any questions or want to post a project.

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