Fab Lab Fort Myers

Create a Fab Lab in Our Community - bringing innovation and creativity to all ages!

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The Imaginarium Group Inc
Southwest Florida

Raise money to create a "fab lab" under the Imaginarium in SW Florida, for all ages.

What is a "Fab Lab?"
A Fab Lab is a woodshop for the 21st century; an open, creative community for artists, inventors, scientists, engineers, educators, students and professionals of all ages. Imagine a place where conversations about new ideas and creating new things happens every day!

Physically, the "lab" has the latest fabrication equipment to bring ideas to life, such as laser cutters, 3-D printers, etc. It also provides stimulus for local entrepreneurship. Fab Labs democratize access to the tools for technical invention. The real innovation is in the network.

Our Fab Lab will be connected to over 300 other labs in 30 countries, and will be only the 2nd lab in Florida. We will use the same off-the-shelf equipment and we will have access to the latest software and expertise. Participants will simultaneously learn and mentor both locally and throughout the network.

Who does a "Fab Lab" benefit?
This will be located at the Imaginarium in Fort Myers, a regional science center. It will be open and accessible to everyone in the community, and access will be free in most cases; using a pay-it-forward philosophy of volunteers and in-kind service.

Help us bring a community think tank, an innovation hub, a small business incubator, and a place of inspiration to Southwest Florida. SWFL NEEDS A FAB LAB!