Hannah’s Homeless – St. Pete Winter Drive

Provides homeless people in and around downtown St. Pete., Florida by passing out food, clothing, blankets and needed hygiene items.

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Hannah’s Homeless
St Petersburg,FL

Hannah’s Homeless focuses on helping our local homeless population.  We provide for homeless people in and around downtown St. Pete., Florida by passing out food, clothing, blankets and needed hygiene items.  Our goal is two-fold: First, we provide immediately needed items, working towards building trusted relationships within the community.  Second, we work with a core list of local resources to assist people with finding solutions that are more long term. People need to feel safe when they come to us to get information about local shelters, job fairs, detox centers and other sources of help…when they’re ready.  Our Board members have all known, either first hand or from loved ones, the struggle of homelessness and/or addiction.  It is a labor of love calling us to be of service, and our long term goal is to secure a building downtown to be a drop-in center and a safe place to come eat, clean up, find clean clothes, use a phone, get info and ask for help.

The goal of this project is to get off the ground with a strong start for the winter season, with needed a storage unit and food!

We need to obtain a climate controlled storage unit to keep donation items (clothes, blankets, toiletries and non-perishable food items) organized and stored safely

We are planning for our big Christmas run to provide as much food, hygiene items, blankets and clothes as we can to offer critical comfort and safety items during a time of year that can be hard for so many

Last year at Christmas we went out and saw more needy women and children than we had seen all of the previous years put together!  It made us sad that we had no toys to offer. It was some comfort to know that 1 woman who had 4 boys was able get jackets and burgers for each of them. The boys were so excited!  We gave that mom the biggest care package we could and believe that it made the holiday just a little easier.

We are looking forward to having another year of providing at least that same little gift to as many individuals and families as we can find and feed! We really hope that this year we will have enough to even share the left over items with some of the amazing local shelters!

By donating to this campaign, you will enable all of our goals to become reality.

Thank you so much for being part of this heartfelt mission.

Rewards and incentives for donating:
$10 – a shout out on our Facebook page.
$25 – shout out plus a personalized Thank you card from Hannah’s Homeless.
$50 – shout out, a personalized card from Hannah’s Homeless, and a t-shirt (7).
$100 to $250 - All of the above, plus a really great feeling of AWESOMENESS!

DISCLAIMER: Currently, this project charity is not 501(c)3 certified and CauseToFund.com is not responsible for tax receipts, so please contact the organization to determine how donations and charitable contributions are handled for tax purposes.