TGH Foundation – Gifts for Sick Kids

Tampa General Hospital's ChildLife Playroom needs gifts, as a place where children go to play games, watch movies, and interact with others.

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TGH Foundation

Your donation will make sure each child who spends a holiday or their birthday at Tampa General Hospital receives a gift and a celebration to make their stay a little happier…

This year there will be children who must spend holidays and birthdays in the hospital because they must receive chemotherapy or other serious care. Because of your donation to this cause, each child will receive a birthday complete with gift, a decorated door, cake and a party!

In addition, each child that stays at Tampa General during Christmas in 2013 will receive gifts from Santa, and special Christmas Eve pajamas!

The ChildLife Playroom in the pediatric unit is a place where children can escape to play games, watch movies, and interact with other children. It is truly a place where a kid can be just a kid…with fun, toys and giggles. Doctors cannot wear their white coats or treat their patients in the playroom, making it a true escape for all the little patients. This project helps that cause by providing an atmosphere for these kids where even in sick times they can feel right at home on any special day!

Rewards and incentives for donating:

$10 - A personalized, hand-written “Thank You” card!

$25 - “Thank You” card & a shout-out on Facebook to recognize you individually.

$50 to 75 - “Thank You” card, shout-out on Facebook, and a TGH First-Aid Kit.

$100 to 250 - All the above, plus a really great feeling of AWESOMENESS!

$500 - All the above, & a personal tour of the Pediatric Children’s Medical Center!