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A Loving Place for Grieving Families - where children can learn loss doesn't have to limit their dreams

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Valerie's House
SW Florida

Valerie's House is a special place for children and families in Southwest Florida to connect with one another and learn the tools to heal after they have experienced tragedy, loss and death.  The purpose of Valerie's House is to help families in Southwest Florida work through their loss together and go on to live successful lives.

How is Valerie's House different and new to Southwest Florida? Valerie's House is modeled after a Nationally recognized and acclaimed center, the Dougy Center for Grieving Children, and among other things will provide open-ended peer support groups and activities for children to heal after a significant loss in their life.  Valerie's House is not a formal counseling center, it is a community and a platform for individuals to come together, and share and mentor one another through grief. There is nothing of this kind in Southwest Florida for children on an ongoing basis.

Why is the new goal $18,000? Our initial goal of $6,100 raised in 90 days was a success, and helped us establish a core base of support and see the need. The need for Valerie’s House has been made evident. Those initial funds are helping us to recruit our core team, develop a database of potential clients, as well as successfully launch a website and other vehicles to make our mission known.

But now, we must fund PHASE 2 of our plan, which is to grow larger ongoing support for Valerie’s House initial launch of programs. In order to serve the community, it as become clear with the development of our Business Plan that significant funds will be needed to accomplish this. The $18,000 goal is one quarter of the actual funds actually needed to launch our Phase 2 plans. The Phase 2 funds will also be raised through special events we have planned, Angel Investors, grants, and foundations. (Please like our Facebook page to keep our with our weekly activities.)

It is our goal and desire to be operational as soon as possible, but it is our intention to be properly funded before we launch in order to sustain our mission for the long term. We want nothing more than to serve the families of Southwest Florida, but to do so we mist have a solid foundation of support. It is vital that we continue with our fundraising efforts to accomplish this, and we need your support to do so.

How was the initial $6,000 used? The initial funding raised will help hire a part-time counselor to moderate bi-weekly grief meetings with children, fund the temporary facility rental where the groups are held, fund marketing, training and outreach to reach children, as the organization grows. See FAQ's below for details

What are the long term goals of Valerie's House? The goal of the supporters of Valerie's House is to have a permanent location, specifically a comfortable home or clubhouse where children and families feel loved and connect with others. Valerie's House will ultimately become a collaborative community led by individuals who have gone through the same experiences as the children and family who join.  The children will meet bi-weekly for fun and effective activities to help them with their grief, facilitated by counselors, to build a sense of community among others working through a loss their own age. Adult caregivers of the children will also meet bi-weekly to connect and share on the challenges facing them as they raise their grieving children alone.

How can I get involved with Valerie's House, along with my donation? To build Valerie's House we need community support along with dollars. Please share our mission and this page with your family, friends, and social network to make this dream a reality in Southwest Florida! If you've experienced loss or know someone that has, email us to be added to the Valerie's House Client Waiting List for services, or please volunteer your time to the efforts.

For more information, like us at Valerie's House Facebook page! or email us

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