TheMoneyCrowd Explained…Behind the Curtain of the Name

What does TheMoneyCrowd mean, how did it get its name and what does it do?

Simply put it is The organization that gathers Money from an online Crowd for the benefit of local charities and community projects.

That’s it…it’s the Robin Hood of the Internet!

The purpose of the site is to build an online community of philanthropists looking to donate to specific project needs in the community, mostly focused on charities who have seen their budgets cut in these economic times.  Local projects partner with TheMoneyCrowd to post their projects on the site, get assistance to promote via social media and highlight their cause using video streaming, and then get plugged into local networking events for maximum personal exposure as well.

TheMoneyCrowd bundles social and personal networking with an online tool to collect donations. 

It also got its name because every other cool moniker for a website involving “crowd” or “crowdfunding” was taken on GoDaddy.  😉


One thought on “TheMoneyCrowd Explained…Behind the Curtain of the Name

  1. Thank you for the post! haha its great that you think we comprehend so much. Have you donated to any projects on here yet? Would Michael Kors partner with TheMoneyCrowd to incentivize people to donate via the site?


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